Putting my Face on: Makeup Routine

I don’t know about the rest of you, but I feel naked without my face on when going out for an evening (which doesn’t happen often, but still).

So I thought I’d share my not so daily, but simple, makeup routine.

I like to start with a fresh, smooth base (or as smooth as possible given my dry patch prone, combination skin), so I like to use some good old fashioned apricot scrub from St. Ives, I moisturize with Clinique Dramatically Different, which does the job, but isn’t mind blowing (I have yet to find a moisturizer that is), I add a few drops of Farsali Rose Gold Elixir (and I mean 2- 3 drops, no more or your end result will look greasy).

I start with mascara, I have been using Bourjois Volume Clubbing Mascara for years, and I keep coming back to it, the volume it adds is everything, I go in with one coat, wiggling the brush from the roots upwards, really working it in there, then pencil in my brows with my Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil in hazel, my brows are naturally black, while my hair is again, NATURALLY, ash brown (why cruel world, why?), so I use this shade to lighten them while filling them in and not leaving them too harsh.

I then go back in with a second coat of mascara (Confession: I sometimes go in for a third after too), a touch of Maybelline Brow Drama Sculpting Mascara sets my eyebrows and lightens them further. I use a Q-tip to clean up my brows, following the arch, and also any mess I made with the mascara.

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Skincare Shmincare

So I’m notoriously bad at keeping up with routines that are good for me; eating junk food, procrastinating or binge watching TV shows on a regular basis, however, I get an A+ on.

As I have recently entered my third decade of life, I have started dreading close ups of my skin, especially in sunlight ( slight shudder), and am desperately trying to maintain a decent skincare regimen.

Let’s break it down, I rarely wear any mentionable makeup (another attempt at giving my tired skin a rest), so I tend to just cleanse with Garnier Micellar Water, moisturise with Olay Double Action, roll on some All Bright Botanics Eye Serum, a little eos Summer Fruit Lip Balm, and some Revitalash Advanced for my lashes, a spritz of Mario Badescu Facial Spray for when my skin feels dry, and at night I add Aloe Vera Vaseline to my dry patches and eyelashes too.

Sleep, wake, repeat. I like to use the micellar water on a flannel or washcloth that I launder regularly, but that’s just personal preference.

So far I like the results (lashes are looking  good) but will continue to update on progress. (10 days strong so far).

Happy self maintenance.