Skincare Shmincare

So I’m notoriously bad at keeping up with routines that are good for me; eating junk food, procrastinating or binge watching TV shows on a regular basis, however, I get an A+ on.

As I have recently entered my third decade of life, I have started dreading close ups of my skin, especially in sunlight ( slight shudder), and am desperately trying to maintain a decent skincare regimen.

Let’s break it down, I rarely wear any mentionable makeup (another attempt at giving my tired skin a rest), so I tend to just cleanse with Garnier Micellar Water, moisturise with Olay Double Action, roll on some All Bright Botanics Eye Serum, a little eos Summer Fruit Lip Balm, and some Revitalash Advanced for my lashes, a spritz of Mario Badescu Facial Spray for when my skin feels dry, and at night I add Aloe Vera Vaseline to my dry patches and eyelashes too.

Sleep, wake, repeat. I like to use the micellar water on a flannel or washcloth that I launder regularly, but that’s just personal preference.

So far I like the results (lashes are looking  good) but will continue to update on progress. (10 days strong so far).

Happy self maintenance.


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